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From the personal investment “Knowledge Hub” of Adam Parris, Host of the Masters in Investing podcast


 Adam Parris


I was sitting at my computer, waiting to push “Buy,” but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.

It was another stock I wanted to buy but I was gripped with uncertainty.

IF I buy the wrong stock again…..I know I will lose all my hard earned money

IF I don’t buy now…the share price may go up. And I will miss out

And IF it does go up…..I’ll make some money – money I could use to pay a deposit on an apartment.

But it all started with that buy decision.

How many stocks do we decide to buy in a year? Tens? Or HUNDREDS?

But what do we do? We simply buy a stock that’s popular or what others recommend. That’s like putting money in a poker machine and simply “hoping we win”. If that’s your plan, you’ve already lost.

World Class investors know that 95% of the work is done before you even look at pressing the buy button.

But nobody teaches us this! They give advice like “follow the share price — nobody wants to read boring annual reports.” (Which, by the way, is not true. The World Class investors generate literally millions of dollars reading those boring annual reports.)

Who would teach us anyway? The majority of investment courses, including university courses, require individuals pay upwards of $10,000 dollars just to attend. Worse still is that those thousand dollar investment courses ignore the core investment principles, the same investment principles Warren Buffett consistency applies and writes about in his Berkshire Hathaway chairman’s letter to investors.  

Warren Buffett wrote, “To invest successfully, you need not understand beta, efficient markets, modern portfolio theory, option pricing or emerging markets. You may, in fact, be better off knowing nothing of these.  That, of course, is not the prevailing view at most business schools, whose finance curriculum tends to be dominated by such subjects.” (source)

And finally, we can blame ourselves. The right investment strategy is literally one of the most powerful tools at our disposal, yet how many of us have truly mastered how to value a business? How many of us consistency apply the correct valuation method to different stocks?

And honestly, how many of us just buy whatever stock we want, then complain when the stock doesn’t go up?


Instead of learning how to value a stock, we do…THIS

What do we do instead of learning how to correctly value a stock – which doesn’t involve complicated maths – to get results?

We search for the latest recommended stock to buy! We believe that if we can somehow “rely” on others research, everything will be OK.

Here’s the truth: You can spend the rest of your life relying on the latest hot tip…and you might get a nice RESULT, but you will not – over the long term – be EFFECTIVE.

To be truly EFFECTIVE, we have to learn how to collect the valuable information, filter it and apply it. To truly understand what makes a business profitable, pay out dividends, and grow its earnings.

By the way, this is more important every year as new companies list on the share market. If you master these skills, you’ll always be able to be in control and truly understand what makes a business tick and profit from them.

I’m talking about stocks that grow…that compound our wealth and allow us to retire with an abundance of wealth. 

I’ve been testing valuation methods since 2008. P/E ratios….Modern Portfolio theory… forecasting earnings growth rates….. candle stick trading and other technical indicators and virtually every variation you can imagine.

I started because (1) I ‘m never satisfied until the logic is proven with results and (2) I realised there are THOUSANDS of stocks changing hands every year. If I could improve my results by even 10%, that’ll generate thousands of dollars over my lifetime — money I can spend travelling, going out with friends, or doing whatever I want to live a Rich Life.

And with a large number of listed stocks worldwide, I’ve been able to explode the number of tests I run — running sophisticated stock valuation analytics — and develop even deeper techniques for generating returns.

What if you could take the years of learning I’ve done and applied them to your OWN investment process?


How I learned to Value Businesses and Generate Superior Returns

I was struck by how many of us don’t bother researching the stock we want to buy let alone the stock we own, but we never take the time to systematically value a business.

The valuation method is important.

  • The valuation method help us understand the business, how it makes money, even how much it spends
  • It helps us buy at the right price to generate high returns on our investment
  • It lets us brag to friends…and actually, have them seek us out!
  • It builds our professional reputation

So, knowing I’d likely spend the rest of my life valuing businesses, I decided to start applying a proven valuation method, based upon the unbreakable financial principles laid down by our forefathers.

Here’s what I did.

First, I “stress-tested” the valuation advice everyone gives us. For example, “the share price always reflects the value of the business” And “the dividend discount model is the valuation method to use if you want income from stocks” And “Beta is risk” And “You need to use CAPM to value a stock”.

It’s funny because I know a very sophisticated investor who spends his week just reading and thinking. People scoffed at him, saying “That’s are ridiculous. Who just reads all week, you need to be watching the market!”

His response was this, “look, watching market price movements is a waste of time, but it seems that only the successful investors know this.”

I quickly discovered how much of the “advice” out there is totally wrong. In fact, this investment strategy has generated millions of dollars for investors.

I also started to reach out to successful fund managers.  I discovered the different ways successful investors treat the share market from everyone else. And knowing these differences is critical if you ever want to generate returns like them.

For example, when I first started, I would follow the share price on a daily basis and buy “expert” recommended stocks, but I began to feel upset when a stock price fell…or if an expert recommended stock didn’t rise. I would blame them or someone else, saying, “What! They said it was a buy.” But over time, I learned that it was MY fault — and if I had researched the business and understood it, and knew that share price movements in the short term are unpredictable, I probably would have made more money.

Pulling the trigger to buy a stock should not be something that is done on a daily or even weekly basis, preparation combined with patience generates superior returns.

And now I want to reveal the actual investment strategy used to build long lasting investment returns…generate millions of dollars…and save thousands of hours — all with this membership.

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